The Sino-Austrian Center

The Sino-Austrian Center for Media & Communication Management, founded 2004, is a joint endeavour of the Fudan University in Shanghai and the University of Salzburg. Besides the Master Exchange Program it provides faculty and doctoral exchange programs as well as joint research activities.

Globalization in the field of academic studies requires increased competitiveness and enables cooperation of students all over the world. The Master-Exchange Program in “Media and Communication Management” is the heart of the Sino-Austrian Center.More
The MCM Sino-Austrian Center encourages joint research projects between the partner departments. Themes embrace cultural value studies as well as comparative studies in social media and internet communication.More
The program facilitates and supports short and longtime faculty exchange programs. Doctoral candidates from all partner departments are encouraged to gain international experience.  More


Shanghai-Salzburg Seminar Series (SSSS)
A Fudan University – Salzburg University cooperation
Internet Studies – Perspectives from East and West

January 29-30, 2015

Department of Communication and ICT&S Center
ICT&S Center
Sigmund-Haffner-Gasse 18
University of Salzburg, Austria

The 1. Shanghai-Salzburg-Seminar will bring together academics and researcher from the two cooperating departments/Universities to discuss the general topic “Internet Studies” alongside four special sub-themes:

a)   Digital Economy
b)   Social Media
c)   eParticipation
d)   Culture & Values

Each theme will be introduced by two input statements, one from Western/European and one from Asian/Chinese perspective. The inputs will give an overview of the state-of-the-art of research in the respective field. After an academic discussion related to the two inputs, a workshop with invited discussants from both academic institutions aims for a joint research agenda according to existing competences, interests, and resources of the two partners. Goal of the workshops are sketches of joint research projects which enhances current research by integrating Western and Asian perspectives. >Read more about the Joint Research Program or download the Program SSSS 2015

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Globalization in the field of academic studies requires increased competitiveness and enables cooperation of students all over the world. China’s importance in the global economy is growing rapidly and constitutes an increasing factor especially in the global media and communication industry.Mission


Master Exchange Program.
The Master Exchange Program ‘Media and Communication Management’ is a cooperation of the School of Journalism at the Fudan University in Shanghai and the Department of Communication and the Center for Advanced Studies and Research in Information and Communication Technologies & Society (ICT&S) at the University of Salzburg.
It was established under the roof of the Sino-Austrian Center for Media & Communication Management (MCM). It allows students of these institutions, as well as selected students of further part- ner institutions to study for a semester in Salzburg and in Shanghai. Since the establishment of the MCM Program in 2007, almost 300 Chinese and Austrian students took the chance to
be part of this unique program. The academic part of the program encompasses five university courses in Media and Communication Management, a variety of field trips to major media institutions, independent media and communication initiatives, as well as cultural and communication agencies. Excursions to key players in the field of communication in selected European and Chinese cities complete the Program. Exceeding basic exchange, the MCM Program focuses on real cooperation between Chinese and European students, both on an academic and a social level. It provides the basis for intercultural learning and helps the participants to become integrated into academic and social life during their semester abroad.>more about the mcm-program
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