The MCM-program

The Master Exchange Program ‘Media and Communication Management’ is a cooperation of the School of Journalism at the Fudan University in Shanghai and the Department of Communication and the Center for Advanced Studies and Research in Information and Communication Technologies & Society (ICT&S) at the University of Salzburg.
It was established under the roof of the Sino-Austrian Center for Media & Communication Management (MCM). It allows students of these institutions, as well as selected students of further partner institutions to study for a semester in Salzburg and in Shanghai.


Since the establishment of the MCM Program in 2007, more than 300 Chinese and Austrian students took the chance to be part of this unique program. The academic part of the program encompasses five university courses in Media and Communication Management, a variety of field trips to major media institutions, independent media and communication initiatives, as well as cultural and communication agencies. Excursions to key players in the field of communication in selected European and Chinese cities complete the Program.

Exceeding basic exchange, the MCM Program focuses on real cooperation between Chinese and European students, both on an academic and a social level. It provides the basis for intercultural learning and helps the participants to become integrated into academic and social life during their semester abroad.

Chinese and Austrian student in Salzburg


  • Specific Insights into European/Austrian and Chinese Media and Communication Systems and Processes
  • Comparative Perspectives on East-West-Dynamics of Media and Communication
  • Global Information Society: Information Society in Europe and Asia
  • Selected Special Issues: Journalism, PublicRelations, Media Economy and Media Politics
  • Interdisciplinary Basics: Interdisciplinary Thinking and Methodologies of Analysis
  • Transcultural Communication: Influences of Society and Culture on Media and Communication Processes