2 05, 2018

Britain’s Got Bias?

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Britain’s Got Bias?

How British newspaper bias might have influenced the

2016 Brexit referendum.

British newspapers are said to have formed positions against the EU over the years, which

might have ultimately shaped the outcome of the Brexit Referendum, leading to the first case

of ‘divorce’ between the EU and one of its member states ever […]

2 05, 2018

Video Project about Social Media Behaviour re EU

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 by Severina Cengu, Ji Luyao, Yuting Zhao

After visiting Brussels and experiencing the political environment and its new communication strategies there, we’d like to discover the role behind social media in the process of political information transmission regarding EU. We want to elaborate the behavior of using social media to acquire and send this political […]

2 05, 2018

EU Roaming and its End

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The beginning of an era of free communication movement of people
by Martina Pastor, Erwei Chen, Mingxin Jiang and Bernhard Franz
People were cheering in the streets of Brussels when on 15th of Juny 2017 the EU roaming fees were abolished. This historic landmark in EU communication policy changes not only „the game“ so to speak, […]

2 05, 2018

EU vs Silicon Valley

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By: Li Ziheng, Melnik Emil, Wu Meng Yu, Nebauer Dominik
What is and should be done in the EU about regulating in ICT?
Half a year ago the European Union commission sued Google for taking advantage of their monopoly position in advertisement with a fine over 2.4 billion Euro. More than a year ago Apple was […]

2 05, 2018

United in Diversity, Why Not in Information?

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28th December 2017, by Mara Dorfmann, Lydia Li, Alexandra Hoffmann, Shan Yi

“What happens when we leave the EU?” – this is the most asked question from British people to Google – interesting and shocking at the same time is, that people from Britain started to ask Google this questions after the Referendum was over […]

18 03, 2017

Chinese and Austrian Students visit Munich Media Institutions

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by Regina Jehl & Anne-Marie Zeif

During their exchange semester in Salzburg Chinese students alongside their Austrian and German colleagues got the chance to visit some of the most important media institutions in Germany and Austria. On the 25th of October in 2016 they embarked on a journey to a fieldtrip to Munich.

First on […]

18 03, 2017

Development of the reality show in China from 2005 to 2015

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by Chen Yifan, Sun Xian, Zuo Shuhang

Reality show also called Reality TV,the first born in Europe,after which it was extensive followed by western media such as American public broadcasting companies and other western medias.

Currently Reality became the most popular television program. “Reality show” shows personal life in a settled environment and rules as the […]

18 03, 2017

Community Media: An Unfamiliar But Not Emerging Media Form

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by  Cao Sha, Hsu Yitien, Xu Duo


As part of the MCM program, we visited two local media in Austria, Radio Fabrik and FS1, on October 20th and November 3rd. These two media operate as radio station and television station respectively, however have a common attribute, that is, they are all community media. As for […]

20 04, 2015

World Café 2014/15

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Table 1:

Differences and similarities in teaching and learning styles/cultures of Chinese and Austrian students/ teachers

After one hour reflection, with four different groups, we came to the point, that there are more differences than similarities in the two countries. They have completely different education systems. The Bachelor in China includes eight semester and the Master […]

2 02, 2015

How does Community Media Develop in China?

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A Case Study of Radiofabrik in Austria in Comparative Perspective
by Zhang Ran, Zhang Xingyu, Shi Congyi


Despite lack of a precise definition, the phrase “Community media” always connect with “participatory” ,”alternative” or “citizen”, which used to describe media produced by, for, and about local communities(cf. Carpentier, 2007:1-26; Rodriguez, 2001).

Community media was born in the late […]