by Kim Enzo Steinocher

After we already stayed for two weeks in Shanghai, we get used to the chaotic traffic system especially the metro. The procedure of the safety check of every bigger bag and the metro card system was familiar to every group member. Because without the metro there is only the taxi to reach the inner city, therefore our group depends on this traffic system. However the experiences in the metro were very individual and every time I wondered about specific habits or individual behaviour. One of my first impressions was, that the Chinese people use the metro to relax and to recover themselves from hard work or something else. Thus all the Chinese customers sleep in the metro or try to get something to lean against. I also thought about the idea to get some sleep in the metro but I never understood how the Chinese knew when they have to get off.

But before the Chinese relax in the metro, they get on like panic feared animals to get a seat or just to be on the metro. They wait at the station and in the moment the metro arrives, the whole mass rush against the doors. Therefore it is really hard to get off because the only way is through this mass of people. But once a Chinese step in the metro he automatically and immediately switch back in his usual slow and relaxed movement. The result is a growing row in front of the metro full with panic Chinese. Our group learned fast to get on and off the train in a very rough way because otherwise you get lost.

The most shocking metro experience was the brawl between two Chinese at the metro station during their waiting time. The strange fact about this fight was that one of them was a really young guy in good condition. But the other guy was an old grandpa with less hair on his head and a very kyphotic figure. First they both shouted and pushed each other. After that the old man took off his jacket and put his bag on the next bank. Then he turned back to the young guy and hit him straight into his face that the glasses of the young guy flew away together with his cellphone. After the first strike both beat each other up and no one tried to stop them. However the fight between the uneven pair ended immediately with the appearance of the security service. Both stopped immediately and went away with no comment or following reaction. According to this experience I guess that the Chinese people solve their dispute on a very violent way but after they calm down every problem is solved and the live goes on without any further reaction. I compare this kind of mentality with a sportive behaviour because every problem exists just as long as the played game.