by Oliver Beilharz
 After the MCM-program was finished, I did not immediately left China. I wanted to see another part of the country, so I went to Yunnan, a province in the very South of China.
I want to share my personal experience, which I had in a mountain village with locals harvesting the honey there. The name of the village is Mapingguan, which is close to Shaxi and in an altitude of 3000 meters.
I was very lucky to arrive in the best moment, because they only harvest the honey once in a year. The bees live in holed tree trunks, which is a big difference compared to our way of holding bees. The Chinese bee is also able to live in a height of 3000 meters and can dust the flowers there. It gives the honey an distinctive taste.
I had the chance to watch the traditional way of harvesting the honey in Mapingguan and I could talk to the locals. They were very friendly and offered me honey, cigarrets and a liquor from Tibet.
For me the visit in Mapingguan was one of the most authentic experiences in China and it was great to get in touch with the local people.
I recommend every participant of the MCM-program to travel also to other places in China except Shanghai to experience more of this extremly big and diverse country.