by Rosenow

Yesterday we made a trip to the city of Suzhou. It is not far away from Shanghai, it took us only 40 minutes with the train from Shangai Train Mainstation. Because of the many bridges and small rivers Suzhou is also called the “Venice of the East”. It is a very traditional town with a 2500 year old history.
Since 1981 it has been included in the list of cities their historical and cultural heritage should be placed under special protection. After arriving we first visited the Suzhou Museum. There were so many great works of art exhibited: porcelain, fans, old documents, sculptures and more. Then we had a snack in a small restaurant.
After that we walked down the streets always looking for new impressions and taking photos. We discovered a small market with so many food stalls. Fish, meat, vegetables and they also had a stand with insects skewers. And we actually tried beetle! Fried and seasoned and – delicious! Not as one might imagine. Crispy, spicy, nutty and delicious! A crazy experience for us!

Then we went to a temple, the so called Temple of Mystery, which was really impressive. These chinese buildings are such wonderful places. The architecture, the colours and everything is so impressive and overwhelming. We made a lot of great pictures there. Recently we visited a garden. That was really created huge and great.
Unfortunately it was so smoggi and very hazy, so we decided to go again in the summer to Suzhou, when everything is blooming and more beautiful! Once when we went down the road there was a smoked fish hanging on a parking sign next to a creature with paws. We don’t know what it was, but I guess it was a small dog! I know that it is common to eat dog in China but to see this was quite hard. Especially because in Suzhou so many dogs and cats were running around. But it was definitely a great trip in a great city with wonderful experiences!