by Cao Sha from Fudan University

If someone asks me, what’s the deepest impression of Salzburg in your mind after a month of stay here? I will definitely tell him/her, it’s the fact that I get the true meaning of “Music City”. Well, even though it is all along the name of Vienna, I deem that Salzburg also deserves it.

The city of Sound of Music

When we mention Salzburg, the first image comes into people’s mind must be the famous movie, Sound of Music. It has been decades since I watched the movie, but many plots are still fresh and profound. Thanks to the fascinating features of European cities, that they can keep their original appearance for hundreds of years, I can recall the fantastic moods the first time I enjoyed Sound of Music from the backyard of Mirabell Palace, from the green mountains, the bluish river and the old iron bridge. Walking on the roads of Salzburg, I can always hum the melody of Do-re-mi, The Lonely Goatherd and Edelweiss unconsciously, with the mood becoming bright. Apart from Sound of Music, I want to share two other moments I have experienced in Salzburg, two moments that when the sound of music began, I could feel electrical current flowing through my body.

Mirabel_SalzburgAre these two pictures similar?

A wonderful encounter in a postcard shop

I can remember that it was a rainy afternoon, when I walked into a grocery store to choose some postcards. When I stood in front of the cards with the beautiful sceneries of Salzburg on it, a bit of sadness came out of the bottom of my heart (because I have lost my iPhone on the flight from Madrid to Munich, and I am a person who loves taking photos so much T T.) However, just the moment, a rhythm of Ode an die Freude ( we call Huanlesong in Chinese) came from my back. I turned around and found that threr was a little girl who looks like a doll playing music box, I had to say I was healed by music at that moment. The girl’s grandma smiled at me and I also went to play the music box. As expected, music is the language beyond the boundary between countries, I got a familiar feeling like meeting an old acquaintance in other countries.

The great shock on the reception ceremony for international students

If I compare the music of the music box as a small splash, then I have to say the shocking performance by three local musicians is a big wave. Different from traditional school’s opening

ceremony in China, which is kind of solemn and formal, the reception here is full of Austrian breeziness and romance. The welcome speech from the mayor, the narration of the history of Salzburg and the university were composed into a beautiful story by pieces of musical notes. Thunderous applause after each performance is convincing. I feel grateful that I have recorded a piece of video, keeping the precious instant in my mind permanently.

Before I went abroad, I always asked myself that, what might become the greatest meaning of this exchanging experience to me? Now I think I got part of the answer. It may not be how many countries I have traveled, not the great improvement of the ability to live alone in an unfamiliar country, well, I don’t mean these are not precious. However, I think the most precious one is that I have ever been involved in the daily life of Salzburg, and feel the touch from each small piece of life.