by Teresa Anneser

Shanghai is crazy. I love the city, which combines the traditional chinese atmosphere with a modern western charm. But there is this one thing, which worried my mind already before the trip to China started: air pollution. Just 1% of chinese cities can satisfy the European standard of the air quality, which guarantee safety for the society. The main cause for the air pollution here arises out of the exhaust fumes from the companies. So goodbye pure Bavarian blue sky and hello smoggy Shanghai! I told myself: Don’t get crazy before the trip even starts, make your own impressions, probably it’s not that worse. So after an exhausting flight over 13 hours and my naïve way of thinking, I got off the plane in Shanghai and was like: Oh what a pity, the weather is bad. But after some days I realized that it’s not foggy. The smog gave us a warm welcome at our first days in Shanghai.

Some of us already got ill and for myself I had to deal with an irritating cough. Luckily there are some helpful apps, which measure the air pollution every hour. The air quality is graduated in six steps: green (good, 0-50 air quality index), yellow (moderate, 51-100 AQI), orange (unhealthy for sensitive groups, 101-150 AQI), red (unhealthy, 151-200), purple (very unhealthy, 201-300 AQI) and brown (hazardous, 300+ AQI). If the air quality index hit the 100-mark you should wear a mask. Even if the mask is not so high fashioned and it’s not so comfortable to wear, we all bought the protection to safe our health. In my opinion the air pollution is one of the most important problems the chinese society and government should take care off. An improvement can only occur, if both named parties are aware of this problem and willing to change it.