by Ke Yan

I still remember the day when I get off the plane at Frankfurt airport, at that time a rainbow appeared in the sky. It is really a perfect journey in my life and I will never forget these four months in Europe.

First of all, I want to say it is really a good chance for me to come here and participate in this program.
Before the MCM exchange program, I never thought that I could go abroad and visit many news agencies. It is my first time to go abroad and it is the first time I leave my parents for such a long time because my university is close to my home that I always go home at the weekend.

The four months here I learned much professional knowledge like the differences of media systems between Chinese and Austria, the different policy for economic and cultural in Europe, of course we have the opportunity to know some new friends here, and we make an unforgettable friendship in the four month. Austria has a high degree of civilization, and in Austria we find some shinning spots like they do well in environmental protection and everyone followed the social order.

Four_unforgettable_months_2What impressed me the most is when I go across the road, the car will slow down and stop. No one go across the road when the traffic light is red. The people here are very helpful and kind and the sky here is very blue. Everything makes me fall in love with Salzburg at the first day.

Secondly, I want to say something about the buddy system. For me, Buddy system is bridging the friendship between two countries. Because it is the first time for me to go abroad, and I feel strange when I realize that everything is true and I will live abroad soon. I don’t know how should I do, at that time, my buddy Julia send me an email and tell me the things that I should pay attention to in Europe which makes me feel very warm. She told me she will pick me up at the airport.
Since we arrived in Austria on September that the dormitory is not open to us, so my buddy stayed to helped us find the hotel and told us what we should bring to Austria. When we meet each other, my buddy helped us to do the registration, move to the dormitory and to apply for phone cards. We shop together and eat some food. She helped me to quickly adapt to the environment here. Later, as new Austrian Participants added in the MCM program, so I change my buddy to Nina. She is a nice girl, I invited her to come to my dorm, and I made her a traditional Chinese dinner and teach her how to use chopsticks.
When the Christmas comes, she sent present to me and we establish a solid friendship with each other.

Thirdly, I want to say something about the practical activities in the MCM program. In China, we rarely have the opportunity to participate in practical activities. In general, we are sitting in the classroom and listen to the teacher. This Semester, when I participate in the MCM program, it was the first time for me to have field trips. We have six fieldtrips in Salzburg, one fieldtrip to Munich and one extensive fieldtrip to Brussels.
All field trips to some enterprises and organizations give me the opportunity to focus on the process of media production and know the media production practices on the local level to the level of the European Union. Through the field trip to Brussels, we get to know practical many aspects of European media and communication management and understand the various objectives of media enterprises and organizations .It is an opportunity for us to learn about the media production practices of enterprises and organizations in the field of media and communication management and it is a chance to improve theoretical knowledge and apply it in real commercial and cultural settings.

We actively prepared for the field trip and asked many questions. In Brussels, we learned the Media politics and policies of political institutions and media organizations on European level.
It was a precious opportunity to visit the various departments of the European Union. We visited the Council of the European Union and listened to a lecture about “Audiovisual Media Relations at present and in the future”. We visited the Permanent Representation of Austria to the EU and someone gave us a lecture about “ORF in Brussels – EU news coverage”.
What impressed me most was the lecture in the German Speaking Community in Belgium. And the speaker is a gentleman who has good voice and he told us about the minority languages in the media We also visit the EU-Representation of the Region of Salzburg and listened a lecture about “History and future of the institution. ”The last day in Brussels we visit the European Parliament and get some information about “ Europarl TV“, and then we visited European Commission and get the lectures about “The role of the European Commission in the EU ”,” Digital Agenda and “How to find Information on the EU“.

Four_unforgettable_months_4If you ask me what I learned during the excursions, I think it is that we know the different media systems and different media policies between the two countries. Mr. Vyslozil took us to Vienna and visited some news agencies like IPI, IPI is an International Press Institute, where we know the western concepts of press freedom. Besides, we visited APA, which is the Austria Press Agency.

The next day we visited the Austrian daily newspaper Kurier. We know the differences of strategies between digitization and non-digitization and the publishing process of Kurier. The most important thing is the two the speakers who are so gentleman and have a good sense of humor, one of them cannot speak English and another is helping him to translation what he says to us.Four_unforgettable_months_5

The last lesson in Salzburg, Mr. Vyslozil asked us to give a score to all the institutions we visited and Kurier of course got the highest score. And we also visited ORF, Oead and some other places. We also use the free time to visit some famous places in Vienna like schlob und park Schönbrunn, stadtpark, Wiener Staatsoper, stephansdom, hofburg and some other places. When I was a child, I saw the new year concert on TV, my mother told me it is the goldener saal in Vienna.


When I know that we have a fieldtrip there, I booked the ticket very early for the Wiener Philharmoniker and enjoyed a grand concert. For me, I think the MCM-program meet my expectations because it is a high level academic exchange platform. It gave us a very good chance to know the European media systems, and the differences and similarities between European media and Chinese media. We have chances to attend field trips to some place, like Munich, Brussels and Vienna.

When I was in China, I never thought that I would have chance to visit the European Union and visit the media institution. When I know that we will go to Vienna, I feel so excited because I like classical music and visiting the goldener saal is my dream, now, because of the MCM-program, we have chance to visit many famous places. MCM-program not only aimed at academic communication, but also broaden our horizons.

Last but not the least, “Chinese students always on the travel”, many Austria students always said that. Of course, we travel a lot during four months. We know how to travel independently, how to book hotel, how to find cheap airplane tickets and how to make a plan before traveling and all these increasing the personal life skills. In China, we live with our parents, the parents assume all housework. We rarely have the opportunity to cook on our own. Living abroad let us improve our awareness to do everything by ourselves. We chinese student are always shy to ask questions in classes, but when we here with Austria students, we find them very active to ask questions when the speaker finish their lecture, and sometimes when the speaker pointed some views and the Austria students will break the speech and discuss with the speaker. We learn from them and make a positive thinking and ask questions in class, at beginning asking is not an easy thing to do, but we learn from the Austria students to collect and prepare the questions. I think it is a good study habits in the daily life.

For me, these four months have is very full, happy and unforgettable. It is beyond my expectation. All in all, I have learnt a lot in MCM program. I want to be here again in the future.