Exploring Fudan University Campus and learning to get to know our neighbourhood.

Our first days in Shanghai couldn´t be more exciting and breath taking as they were for us. After arriving with an undeliverable delay of nearly 15 hours (the first plain from Munich to Dubai had some technical difficulties) we were picked up by a few of our buddies at Pudong International Airport, Shanghai.

It was nearly midnight and after picking up our luggage we had the first „different to home“ experience, as we had to queue for a taxi at the airport. There were so many people who wanted to get a taxi to the city centre and so we had to wait for 30 minutes. After arriving at Tohee International Student Accommodation, just across the street of Fudan University Campus, we entered our flats and first of all needed a ton of sleep. On the next day our buddies picked us up and showed us the huge and awesome campus of Fudan University. We then got registered pretty uncomplicated after taking some pictures for our student ID. The campus itself is completely different to our University in Salzburg, it is huge and is build up like a small city, not as in Salzburg were there is not really a campus, but separate buildings spread all over the city centre.

Our faculty here in Shanghai is called School of Journalism and is a separate building made out of brick. It is not far away from our accommodation, we can walk there or also take the bus when there is a rainy day, which we also had a few since we were here.

The people we met in the first few days we spend at University were all very nice, especially other foreign colleagues who are also here to spend a semester abroad and share some classes with us. Our student coordinator Jake also helped us, provided some good information and introduced us to the professors at the welcome dinner we had on Tuesday. Also the professors are very open-minded and friendly and I think the courses will be interesting and stunning this semester here at Fudan. Most of us take six courses, from Monday to Wednesday, two courses on each day, which is quite a good schedule for a semester abroad. The courses on Monday focus on environmental communication and brand communication, which are both very interesting and up-to-date topics held by some really friendly professors from China. Tuesday classes focus on Chinese Media and Politics and New Media in China, which are also interesting topics, especially to get to know how policy works in China and to learn some facts about censorship on the internet and how to handle it because it affects us all here in China. Without a VPN server websites like Google or Facebook are not available in this country. Wednesday classes cover Chinese Culture and also the field of crisis communication. In this courses we I aspect to learn a lot about how Chinese people live and how they behave in everyday life and about the history of China. Crisis communication can also be a hot and interesting topic, especially when we think about environmental or food crises in the last years regarding China, so I am also pretty much looking forward to learning some facts about this topic.

From this semester abroad here in Shanghai I expect to have a good time at University and on the Campus of Fudan, to learn some new things and to have a lot of fun and experience China in many different ways while travelling through this big and fascinating country.