What Chinese students need to know

The MCM program consists of a package of courses exclusively available for MCM participants.

As a participant of the MCM program compulsory attendance of the following courses and excursions is expected from you.

University of Salzburg, September 24th – January 31st
Type Title Lecturer
WelcomeWeek September 24th – September 28th International Office, University of Salzburg
Master Course (UE) Creative industries Sergio Sparviero
Master Course (UE) Socio-cultural and Socio-technical dimensions of media and communication Thomas Kaltenbacher, Thomas Herdin, Ursula Maier-Rabler
Master Course (UE) European media production practices Ricardo Parrilla Guix
Master Course (UE) Media management under the condition of press freedom Wolfgang Vyslozil
Lecture (VO) International Joint Lecture: Politics, History and Culture. Austria in the 20th and 21st Century Sylvia Hahn
Excursion (EX) Excursion to Vienna Wolfgang Vyslozil
Excursion (EX) Excursion to Munich Ricardo Parrilla Guix
Excursion (EX) Excursion to Brussels Ricardo Parrilla Guix

A Master Lecture (VO) is a course that focuses on the transfer of expert knowledge. The lecturer’s presentation forms the main content of the course.
A Master Course (UE) is a course that focuses on the acquisition of research skills. In comparison to a lecture a course is interactive. In addition to the lecturer’s presentation, the participants’ contributions form the main content of the course. Active participation and collaboration is expected from the participants.

In the Master Course ‘Socio-Cultural and Socio-Technical Dimensions of Media and Communication’ Chinese and Austrian MCM participants collaborate on topics related to societal, cultural and technological phenomena of media and communication and related differences between Austria/Europe and China.

The Master Course ‘European media production practices’ focuses on collaborative work of Chinese and Austrian participants on practical issues in the field of media and communication. In addition excursions to Austrian media institutions will be arranged to gain insight into organizational structures and working practices in this field.

The Master Course ‘Media Management under the condition of press freedom’ is a course exclusively aimed at Chinese MCM participants that may be joined by Austrian MCM- participants

In addition to the core MCM courses you attend the international Joint Lecture ‘Politics, History and Culture in Austria and Central Europe’. This lecture is especially taught for international students by the University of Salzburg.