by Gong Menghan  

I am sorry but I have to admit, I have never heard of Salzburg before joining the MCM program, I couldn’t conceal my excitement when I knew it is the city where the world-famous film Sound of Music was shooted.

With the quiet Salzach river flowing through the city center, it is a refined and peaceful city. The ancient castle quietly witnesses the changes of the city over the years. The city is famous for the film- Sound of Music, at the same time it is closely connected with one of the greatest musicians –Mozart. But it never comes so dazzling because of its modest style.

I was deeply impressed by its quaint tone and elegance, it is so different from Shanghai where there are full of skyscrapers. If you you ask me: how is your life here? My only answer is: I want to live like Salzburg- live in a delicate way, standing aloof from the worldly affairs and behaving modestly.

Take it easy, this is Salzburg

My past one year was filled with a variety of complicated work, which made me exhausted. One of my close friends joked me: “That’s not too bad, at least you had already used to Shanghai and you can keep up with the fast pace in this modern city. ”

I guess I must have missed so much beautiful scenery during this period. Perhaps sometimes I felt tired, or I just lost the patience to have a careful observation to nature. In short, it is a pity.

And now I do experience a lot about the local culture and living style.

I climbed to the top of the castle at the museum night, overlooking the whole city at night, which is extraordinarily charming.

I will never forget that Nora, Monika, Inker drove us to Gaisberg, the scenery at top was really a feast for eyes and we talked, laughed, shared interesting stories with each other.

I remember the road in front of the Mozart University is long and romantic, there were a few horses and cattle in a big wide prairie there, they quietly grazed, walked, watching the sunset fall, just like me.

Here is Salzburg, I slow down the pace of my life.

The city gives me inspirations to have a new and profound observation of true happiness. It is not mere satisfaction or contentment and it often comes suddenly. It’s a kind of wisdom you need to explore, how much you feel about it depends on the attitude you are towards life.

Free study style: we are a group

Study is an important part in my life in Salzburg.

I have two classes with Salzburg students. At first I was a little worried about the group cooperation, but it turned out I was wrong, they are so friendly and thoughtful. Everyone feels like we are a group so we should exchange our views with each other and work together. It really makes me warm- we are like brothers (or sisters)!

The professors here are so helpful and obliging. I still clearly remember in the first class Mr. Bichler let everyone introduce ourselves, thus making s getting familiar. Then he invited us Chinese students to draw a map of China and let us to point where we are come from in the map.

I never got nervous or embarrassed here in the class, I can ask whatever I want and they will answer me in detail and professionally. That really helped me improve my academic ability and I am really gratitude .

You are all my buddies

I am very proud, because here I met a lot of new friends, they are the invaluable treasure to me.

My buddy Dorina is a very sweet girl, we always have a good talk, and I like her bright smile and caring personality. I always want to share my life with her, because I think she can understand me a lot. She warmly invited me to her house to eat brunch, even though I was an hour late, she was still very generous. And I am willing to cook for her and invited to have dinner with her.

On Nora’s birthday I made a short video with other Chinese guys to express our best wishes, because we cannot attend her birthday party. Nora’s big smile and clear voice always impress me.

And Lara, Monika, Inker, Michi, Rita, Kim, Bianca, Christoph and etc. I should say most of them do really help me in my life and study. They are very patient to introduce me a lot about Salzburg, about Austria and Germany.

Thanks to them, I can experience the fantastic night life here and have a understanding of ‘beer culture’ here with them. Beer is very popular in Austria and Germany, people choose going to the bar never because they want to escape his or her own life. Instead, they are sensible and self- restrained, it’s a kind of life style to have entertainment and socialize. Despite that you are students or officers , here you get to rest, comfort and even courage, and the next day you are full of energy again.

At last, I want to quote some beautiful parts of Kahlil Gibran’s prose-When love beckons you as the end, It exactly describes what I am feeling everyday now:

To rest at the noon hour and meditate love’s ecstasy;
To return home at eventide with gratitude;
And then to sleep with a payer for the beloved in your heart and a song of praise upon your lips.