MCM Participants study on 4 locations: University of Salzburg, Fudan University, BFSU University, NNU


During the winter semester all 40 MCM participants spend their time in this historical Austrian city. The University of Salzburg organizes two courses in which the Chinese and Austrian students discuss media matters together, one course for the Chinese students and two lectures. These classes are completed by excursions and field-trips to political
and media institutions in Salzburg, Vienna, Brussels and Munich.
Salzburg is famous for its tradition and scenery, in Mozart’s birth-city, those traditions are visible everywhere: museums, concerts and cuisine give visitors the possibility to experience them.


Shanghai is the Chinese location where the MCM participants spend the most time. Fudan University is located in the Yangpu District, 20 minutes North-East of the city. This thriving metropolis is growing fast and unifies traditional Chinese culture
and modern lifestyle. The courses at Fudan University are the core of the summer semester in China and are completed with excursions in Shanghai, to Beijing and Nanjing.


In spring, the 20 MCM students from Salzburg go on a three day excursion to Beijing, where the coordinators of Beijing Foreign Studies University (BFSU) organize a program consisting of speeches
and field-trips to media institutions. China’s capital is a fascinating and beautiful city, where visitors can learn about the country’s history and culture.


In May the Salzburg MCM students visit Nanjing Normal University for a three day program of speeches, discussions and field-trips to media organizations. This old city, which was the Chinese
capital three times, offers a lot to visitors. The mausoleum of Sun Yatsen is located on a hill with a big park around it and is definitely worth a visit.


MCM Participants make excursions to Brussels, Munich and Vienna.


Brussels is the „Capital of the EU“, most of the central organs of the European Union are located here. During the four day excursion Stefan Huber organizes field-trips to EU institutions, like the European Comission, media players, like correspondents or journalistic associations and to Austrian representative offices, like the Permanent Representation of Austria in Brussels or the Liaison Office of Salzburg. This combination of insights into the political and media system of the EU really offers the Chinese MCM students to get a closer understanding of the unique idea and system of the EU.


The Bavarian capital Munich is only a two-hour train ride from Salzburg. The program, also organized by Stefan Huber, lasts one day and consists of visits to two media institutions. The students visit the Bavarian public broadcaster every year, the other media organization changes every year. Although, the trip is only organized for one day, Munich is worth to stay for a couple of days. Many museums, historical buildings and a dynamic youth-culture ensure visitors have a good time. 


Austria’s capital is not only a very young city with a lot of culture, it is also home to numerous media and political institutions. Dr. Wolfgang Vyslozil, former Director of the Austrian press agency, annually organizes a four day program, consisting of speeches and visits to some of the most important players in Austrian media business. While the program is always very tense, Vienna is worth a stay beyond those four days, experiencing the combination of multicultural atmosphere and classical Austrian traditions.