A story about feeling like a star – and actually meeting one

Ok I must admit, maybe I exaggerate a little bit with the title and sub-title, but I did not choose it without good reason and I hope you understand my sense of humor and irony in this text. Have fun!

So why shouldn´t I exaggerate a little bit more? – You see cameras peering behind bushes, you hear the click of an iPhone camera when you pass people and you will think that the people next to your table don´t write a message but they are making a video with their mobile. To say it in general: You will get a persecution complex. At least when you go the Bund – especially when you are a big group (at best you have some long fair-haired girls or tall blond man with you) – then you are the star! They run towards you, they follow you, they seize you by the arm and they will snap their little child and give it to you for a photo.

Here are some tips for the best picture: Smile and don´t look bored (It will just take you longer, because they won´t stop taking pictures before they have a good one). Peace sign or thump up is required! If you accept to take one picture you should have enough time for several more pictures with other people passing by. You should not have a problem with people touching you or giving you kind of a hug and very important: You should not have problems with little kids. You cannot even look that fast and you have a child on your arm for a photo.

I don´t want to transfer this phenomena to all Chinese people. Our buddies and teachers for example see that very funny saying it is weird when we show them the pictures. We are of the opinion that those people who are taking photos of us come from the countryside and cities in China, which are not visited by tourists. I would vouch for the fact that no Shanghai habitant wants a picture with us – probably only when he likes the girl – because they see people like us every day. But for those who are visiting Shanghai for the first time, who are even on their first journey maybe, it is a highlight when they can show pictures with European people as soon as they are back home.

We´ve asked our-self why shouldn´t we make it the other way round? Why don´t we just ask some Chinese woman or man for a picture with us. Let´s see how they will react. Do they think we are weird or is that normal for them as well? So we were walking on The Bund and that fancy looking woman crossed our way. We really had to make a photo with her! Very nice person, she asked whether we were Germans and then she said a German sentence: “Ich liebe Dich!” And yes, we loved her too! So in today´s time what do you do with such a nice photo? You upload it on Facebook! The reactions were incredible! (I´m exaggerating again…) But it seems like – that’s what the celebrity experts are saying – we took a photo with Bai Ling who is one of the most famous Chinese actresses and who has played several roles in Hollywood films! Can you believe that? We had no idea to whom we were talking and now we have this photo with her! So funny!

There are still some bad voices saying it´s not her, but I think they are all wrong and just jealous we met a real star – that has already been arrested for shoplifting two magazines and a package of batteries at Los Angeles Airport.