by Jiang Junnan

Jiang_Junnan4 months is not so long, especially for me, who loves Europe so much. It’s my first time to be abroad, and it leaves me a lot of precious memories.
First of all, I made a lot of friends here. For example, Monika, who is my buddy in MCM program, she is a lovely Germany girl. She sent me e-mails before I got
here, asking if I have any questions about Austria and giving me a lot of suggestions of what we should prepare. To be honest, I was so moved. In terms of daily
life, she borrowed a lot of daily necessaries to us, such as bowls, pots and so on, which helped us save much money. (By the way, it’s really expensive here, especially
the food). Besides that, when I was traveling I also made a lot of lovely friends, they always gave us help generously, so friendly and wellgoing, which really impressed me.
Secondly, the natural beauty of Europe is really amazing. We traveled a lot of places with our rest time, such as Germany, France (Paris), Stockholm, Brussels, Geneva,
Zurich and many other places. After these visits, I know more about Europe, the history, geography, culture and so on. The most we visit is the churches in Europe. They are so charming that each church has its own style, they are not the same even in the same city. I have to admire the designer and builder of churches.

What really surprised me is that all shops here in Salzburg will close on Sunday, which is quite different from China. As you know, in China, some kinds of shops, such as supermarkets are opened all day, 24 hours. So at first, I was not so adapt to this, I always forgot to buy enough food for weekends, which is not so nice memory. However, the food here is great, especially the milk, which I love the most.
As time went by, it’s time to leave, felling so sad. But I believe I will be here one day in the future.