by Eva Li

After visiting Beijing and our Buddies there, our next stop was Nanjing. Our Chinese
Buddies and the responsible teachers set up an intense and fun schedule for us.
On the first day, we met our Buddies at the Nanjing Normal University campus, which is
said to be one of the most beautiful ones in China. We found this to be true, everything
was green and you could find some old buildings on the campus.
After the campus, we were invited for a tour to get an impression of the city and learn
something about its history. Being the cultural and political center together with Beijing
for many years, Nanjing has a lot to offer if you are interested in Chinese history and
After the tour we got an insight in the Hiangsu Broadcastig Corporation and were
invited to experience a 4d movie, which we all left very amused.
The tour ended in the Paulaner Brew House where you can enjoy a Schnitzel and a beer
of course.

The second day was more relaxed for everyone, we made a boat tour through the canals
in the old city and went to the huge Nanjing Museum afterwards.
Probably the most fun part for all of us was the KTV together with our Buddies on our
last evening in Nanjing. When you’re in China you have to go to KTV. We didn’t expect it
to be that much fun. It is nice to see how everyone overcomes their timidity after a while
(maybe with a litte support in liquid form) and everyone is having a good time together.
It was beautiful, how we were treated by our Buddies in Nanjing, by how much effort
they put into those few days.
Places you should also visit in Nanjing are definitively the Nanjing Massacre museum to
learn something about China’s history in the last century. Beautiful for a walk is the
Xuanwu lake.