by Wei Tungyin

Something about my story: I want to say two things. One is about a man I meet on the way. Another is about my buddy.

These days I stay in Europe, I have traveled to many places. I have many troubles during my trips. The most frequently happened is getting lost and asking for help. The most touched thin is I received a lots of help form strangers. They are so enthusiastic to help a stranger. It makes me feel so warm. And now I want to say something about impressive things.

Take the train to go to Turkey

It was the longest trip by train. I started from Salzburg to Budapest, then I need to transfer Sofia station. That was in Bulgaria. When I arrived at the station is already 19:00, there was no one can speak English. And the night was getting darker and darker. At that time, I felt so powerless. Suddenly, a young man came out from a carriage. And he just stood in front of me. It seems that he was the angle. And I hoped he can speak English. And I came to him and asked him. Fortunately, he told me he can speak English, and he can speak very well English. At that time, I found I met the angle. Then he stayed with me on the train platform for one hour in order to wait the train staff to ask how to transfer. Then he let me use his wifi to check the destination, then he wrote some question in Bulgarian about how to transfer. And finally I used his way to go to my destination. I am so glad and feel warm, because I found that people can help a stranger so easy and sincere. I think I should learn from him to be a enthusiastic and nice people.

Buddy System

This system is a very useful system for the exchange student. I think it is necessary for all overseas students. This system can save a lot of trouble and help us.

I remember the first time I received my buddy’s email. I felt very surprised. I did not expect that school offers such a system to help overseas student. And because of this system, the first time we arrived at Salzburg, I was not so afraid. Because I have a friend here, and she helps me a lot. Her name is Nora.

Nora always takes good care of me. Because of there has some cultural difference problems to us, and she thought very thoughtful. From the beginning, in the aspect of life, she provided us with a lot of help. For example, because we did not know German, Nora and other guys helped us to built a bank account; Due to all the shops in Salzburg will close on weekend, they prepared a lot of articles of daily use for us, like bed clothes and other things. She also reminded us the thing we need to pay attention. In the meantime, she and Susi also introduced some interesting places to visit. After that, we had a good time to hang out together. It was really fun! They also showed us around in Salzburg. She told us how to go to school, how to go to supermarket and so on.

Later I just knew every buddy was really attentively. They have a buddy chat group. They discuss issues with each other, and share ideas, and also share their stories. They remind each other and provide assistance to each other. In order to take care of us.

I am really glad I can receive the help from the system. It makes me meet Nora. Because of her. I have more opportunity to close European life style, and get more understanding of their life, and also be part of their life.

This Christmas Eve, I celebrated with Nora. I am so glad can have this chance to celebrate Christmas with her family. It was really really happy. It was my first time to celebrate the Christmas in foreign family. And I think I would never forget the night! The memory with her beautiful and wonderful singing mother, her friendly and bashful brother, and her cute friends. It really made me a deep impression. And I really cherish this friendship.

In this system, everyone has a buddy. And everyone has their different feeling with their buddy. Talk this feeling with your friend is a sweet thing. Because of this system, our program becomes more interesting. Not only just academic communication also has affective interaction. And I’m really thankful for the buddy system.