16 12, 2014

Impact of introduced programs to the tv industry in China & adaptive strategies

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by Menghan Gong, Quan Shi and Fan Li

In recent years, the television market in mainland China has been flooded with different kinds of introduced programs, especially the format-imported programs. It gets extraordinary popular among the audience. The applications of format-imported programs seem to achieve great success for the TV industry in China. However, with […]

12 05, 2014

Paparazzi everywhere

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A story about feeling like a star – and actually meeting one
Ok I must admit, maybe I exaggerate a little bit with the title and sub-title, but I did not choose it without good reason and I hope you understand my sense of humor and irony in this text. Have fun!

So why shouldn´t I […]

18 03, 2014

The first days in Shanghai

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Exploring Fudan University Campus and learning to get to know our neighbourhood.
Our first days in Shanghai couldn´t be more exciting and breath taking as they were for us. After arriving with an undeliverable delay of nearly 15 hours (the first plain from Munich to Dubai had some technical difficulties) we were picked up by […]