By Roger

Considerable undergraduates and postgraduates in China are looking forward to coming to another country as students for a period, because it is a good opportunity for them to broaden their horizon and gain some unforgettable experiences. As a member of these students, I have been longing to the study and life in Austria and those couple of days before I came here becomes the most expectant days this semester.

People in Salzburg

September 20th, a day of sunny in the morning and of rainy at night, was the first day that I was in Austria. Until this week, I have been staying in Salzburg for about 2 months and every moment here have still lived in my memory vividly. Overall, Austria is a some kind of country, like most western European countries, shows me a quite different atmosphere and environment, compared to China. First impression, when I get into the world of Austria people in, I have to keep pace with their lifestyle and pace of daily works, as a Chinese: people here in Salzburg lives a slower pace of life, and it really is. Hardly ever did I see someone,except for some students from other countries, running in the street in rush hours, or did I see someone else show a hustle and bustle potential when they purchase something in supermarket or shops. Almost all the local people put themselves into a leisure space and they seemed not to be struggling with the outside world.

People in Salzburg
People in Salzburg

Transportation system: Though Salzburg is the fourth largest city in Austria, compared to some metropolises in China like Beijing and Shanghai, Salzburg is called as village of Salzburg by some Chinese students, and it really is. As a result, buses and taxis consist of the inner-city system and the trains almost domain the outer-city system.

The buses: buses there are quite different from those of China in lots of aspects. Unlike buses in China, there is no conductor on bus and driver acts as the conductor and somebody else. You can buy a ticket for an hour, one day and even a semester, as well as you can buy a tickets on bus, in shops and even in bus company. Most of the times, no one will supervise whether you have bought a ticket or not so that some people may not always buy a ticket in order to save some money, I thought. There are supervisors, however, hired by bus company, will check tickets on bus sometimes. If you are found no tickets, you will be punished for a large amount of money: nearly 80 euros. To my surprise, all the circumstances I met when some supervisors came into bus to check tickets, everyone has a ticket……It’s unbelievable. Secondly, though seldom buses will be late, most of the times, it’s punctual. Every stop has a timetable telling us how long the bus will come to stop: when the time comes to zero, the bus will come to the station right on time. You never need to worry that you will miss the bus you are waiting for.

The unique style of trains in Salzburg

The trains are also unique as the buses, and train station gives me a brand new concept.

The unique style of the train station in Salzburg

The scenery of Salzburg I think should enjoy the reputation of primitiveness and originality and I put myself entirely into the world of Untersburg and Hallstatt which I visited. To some degree, Untersburg locates in the boundary of Austria and Germany which endows it a beautiful scenery there. There is a cable car which could transport you from the bottom to the peak, but no one chooses the cable car to the highest point, so do I. All the way, I met different people of different ages: from a toddler to the senior and all those people inspire me a lot with their perseverance. About 5 hours later,I came to the top of the mountain, and drank some spring in the stream and scanned the maps of all salzburg.

Overview picture of Salzburg
Salzburg in my eye, at the top of Untersberg, likes the pearl among the green world.

Scenery in Hallstatt, beautiful, tranquil and serene, with the harmony of people and nature.

A moment when you stand in front of the real realm of Hallstatt.

It’s only the second months I have been living in Salzburg. The three months in the future, I believe life here will be colorful and wonderful. I really enjoy everyday in Salzburg and it will be my great treasures of my life.