by Du Hong

I thought of writing something about travel when I missed my flight at Oslo airport in the end of a ten days travel. I asked myself the questions I had been haunted for a long time while I was struggling in working on my assignment at last minute in the prolonged trip — Why do I travel, where do I want to go, what do I want and what did I get from travel?

Deciding to join MCM program means a four months journey consist of a lot of travel since Austria is located in central Europe. Now half of the journey had passed sine I was abroad from the middle of September.

Compare with my fellows, I’m not the one who travel the most. Before came to Salzburg, I spent two weeks in Turkey. The whole October, I only went to some places near Salzburg like Hallstatt, Königssee, Bled. In November, Sine we had an excursion to Brussels, I traveled to three northern European cities around, Amsterdam, Copenhagen and Bergen.

Salzburg students said that one of the big images they perceive of Chinese is that we take photos of everything. The impression comes from seeing Chinese (maybe Asian to be exact) tourists in Salzburg behave like that. But after met we Chinese students, they thought it might be a kind of stereotype.

In Salzburg, I’m living a common every day life. Buying food from Spar or BILLA for cooking, have a drink and dance in pub with local students, go hiking seeing beautiful views. While outside Salzburg, I’m totally a tourist. Visiting famous scenic spots of each city and town in a glance, taking pictures and videos every time, have a taste of local food for experience.

Travel is no doubt a way to learn something especially cultural thing about a country. The question is when I look back on my travel, it always begins and ends in a hurry.

It said that we could never be well prepared for anything. But for me, I got to know my problem during travel. I’m a failure in time management and a decisional procrastinator. My action fails to catch up with my ideal plan, I’m not self-confident accounting for my hesitation.

Now I’m staying at a hostel in Vienna, writing blog and preparing for the coming excursion in Vienna instead of traveling in Budapest. I still can’t answer the questions why I travel and what I want. But I’m quite sure about where I will go, what I gained from travel.

I do prefer to travel in depth than travel as much as possible. I should always finish more important and urgent stuff first. The most important thing is, do it other than think about it.

Travel continues, and I believe it was and will be a very nice and unforgettable journey to join MCM program. For the fist time I am abroad, I feel like an island combine with other islands in European ocean. Certain distance give me a chance to learn how to get well on with others, to improve myself and to get better understanding of Europa and China.